Workplace Trends Keynote

Since 2013, Dan has compiled a list of the biggest trends impacting the workplace based on primary research, secondary research from more than 450 sources, and conversations with executives. Companies hire Dan to have him speak about the implications of the trends, give practical insights, and motivate their leaders for change.

AI at Work Research Study

Due to Covid-19, Anxiety and stress have reached a tipping point at work. Workplace Intelligence partnered with Oracle to survey more than 12,000 workers globally to better understand how artificial intelligence can fill the gaps in workplace mental health support. Read the report to learn more.

Back to Human

Online and mobile technologies have created the illusion that today’s workers feel highly connected to one another. In reality, most feel isolated. How do high-performing workplaces deal with face-to-face situations that can’t be addressed by email, text, or Tweets? Read Back to Human to find out.
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