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Podcast_blogpostWelcome to the first episode of the Promote Yourself Podcast (Subscribe on iTunes). It will be a weekly show airing every Monday, giving you the best career advice, the latest workplace trends and access to today’s brightest stars in business. I’ve been working on this show for months now and am excited about the possibilities and the ability to share this information with you in another more personal medium. The show is divided into three segments. The first is where I review the latest workplace trends that will affect your career. The second is where I answer your questions and feel free to tweet or email me them for forthcoming shows. The third is where I spotlight the careers of various professionals, executives and celebrities.

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This weeks show

Segment #1: My top 3 workplace trends of the week

  1. Employees keep their options open.
  2. The remote workplace.
  3. Soft skills versus hard skills.

Segment #2: Q&A

This weeks question comes from Chris Reimer on Twitter. He asks:

“If we have not already, when will we reach the tipping point where a plurality of jobs are not secured via a résumé?”

Segment #3: Guest interview

This week I speak to Tim Ferriss, who is the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body and now The 4-Hour Chef. He’s been called “The Superman of Silicon Valley” by Wired and one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People.” In this interview, he talks about what cooking can teach you about learning.

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One Response to Podcast #1: Remote Workplace, Future of Resumes and Tim Ferriss

  1. “Why do we follow the rules that are self-imposed” – Best quote I got :D

    Great kickoff with Tim Ferriss Dan! Love how you break off into 3 segments, it keeps it refreshing and it’s different.

    I just read about Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000″ hour rule and understand his point of view, but term “master” is relative to each task. I just bought Tim Ferriss’ new book, so I’m intrigued on his ideas on mastery. Changing your mindset from “How it works?” to “why it works?” is tricky as we grew up with the “How do I replicate” instead of producing.

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