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Podcast_blogpostWelcome to the second episode of the Promote Yourself Podcast (Subscribe on iTunes). It is a weekly show airing every Monday, giving you the best career advice, the latest workplace trends and access to today’s brightest stars in business.

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This weeks show

Segment #1: My top 3 workplace trends of the week

  1. Colleges are losing pricing power.
  2. Social networking time consumption.
  3. Companies aren’t focusing on Gen Y leadership development.

Segment #2: Q&A

This week’s question comes from Moussa Hassoun on Twitter. He asks:

“I wonder how my blogging on political/social issues will affect my candidacy for jobs/law school. Thoughts?”

Segment #3: Guest interview

This week I speak to Gary Vaynerchuk, who is the New York Times bestselling author of both Crush It! and The Thank You Economy. Gary has a multi-million dollar social media agency called Vaynermedia, which he co-founded with his brother AJ. They currently consult for brands like PepsiCo and the NY Jets (which he wants to own someday). He’s made TV appearances on Ellen, Conan and The Today Show. In our interview, he talks about the biggest tech trends of 2013, the latest projects he’s been working on and his predictions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google

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